We help employees purchase quality cars and claim tax benefits.

What are the benefits?

Choice and Flexibility

Drive a luxury car at affordable fixed monthly repayments. Choose between financed only or a fully maintained novated lease that includes all running costs and insurances.

Discounted Cars

Save money by purchasing your vehicle through our car buying department. Through are car buying team you get access to our fleet discounts and national buying power, saving you thousands.

Tax Efficiency

A Novated Lease is a great way to use tax to purchase a quality car you'd like to drive. A Novated Lease can also put more money back in your pocket while reducing your overall taxable income.

What does a Novated Lease include?

man arm on steering wheel

The Vehicle Lease

The novated lease deal includes all the costs associated with leasing the vehicle. Usually packaged together into one fixed monthly payment plan.

Car Servicing and Maintenance

The novated lease will also include the costs of getting the car serviced, log book servicing, car part replacements and mechanic labour costs.

car service and maintenance
car tyre repair

Discounted Tyres

With our novated lease deal you will not need to worry about paying expensive costs for Tyre punctures and new treads. We can provide repairs and replacements close to wholesale prices.

Car Registration

The novated lease deal include all car registration costs and compulsory third party car insurance. All these costs are included in your one monthly lease payment.

woman working at desk
car refill with fuel

Discounted Fuel

Our close relationship with a large network of service stations allows us to offer reduced fuel prices for our customers. With our novated lease deal you can save more money on your car expenses.

Car Insurance Offers

We work hard to save you money every step of the way. Thats why we have built relationships with some of Australia's largest car insurance companies to offer you great car insurance deals.

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